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China Real Estate Hit By New Rules

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Following an announcement of new rules intended to cool down what some are calling a China Real Estate Bubble, China stocks in general, and China Real Estate Stocks in particular took a big hit on Monday

Brutal Monday Called for In Chinese Real Estate and Stocks

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Bill Bishop says. “Expect Monday (April 19, 2010) to be a brutal day for real estate-related stocks in the Chinese and Hong Kong Stock markets.

Jim Rogers: Hong Kong Real Estate Nuts Likes Silver, Gas

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Jim Rogers Likes Silver Better Than Gold, Gas More Than Oil
Asked, which commodities sector looks most attractive to you? he said, “I like to buy the things that are cheap. Silver’s cheaper than gold on an historic basis

Morgan Stanley Not Worried About Inflation in 2010

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In their Stategy: Euroletter, November 30, 2009; Morgan Stanley’s research team (led by Teun Draaisma) predicts that inflation will not be a problem in 2010.