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David Skarica Warns of Short Term Gold Dip

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David Skarica, publisher of “The Gold Stock Advisor”, is predicting that “we should not expect much from the gold market until about mid-November or so.”

Huffington Post Writer Calls Gold Market Ponzimonium

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Nathan Lewis Lewis, (Gold: the Once and Future Money) cites several analysts who support his claim that gold and silver markets have been manipulated for years.

George Soros and John Paulsen Buying NovaGold

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George Soros and John Paulson invested a combined $175 million in NovaGold Resources. According to a Forbes report on March 24, 2010

When to Sell Gold?

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Societe General’s Dylan Grice makes a compelling argument that the time to sell gold, isn’t now.

Boockvar Disagrees With Prechter About Deflation, Sort Of

March 22, 2010 by  
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We can be in a dis-inflationary phase before we get to the inflation. It’s the reaction to the deflation that gets to the inflation.

Roubini Sidekick Likes Dividend Stocks and Corporate Bonds.

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Asked “Where should you be putting your money”, Montianey replied, “Stay in corporate bonds (as opposed to so called risk free treasuries)

Morgan Stanley Not Worried About Inflation in 2010

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In their Stategy: Euroletter, November 30, 2009; Morgan Stanley’s research team (led by Teun Draaisma) predicts that inflation will not be a problem in 2010.