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Managed Futures Funds Add Element of Leverage

March 22, 2010 by  
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The Superfund Companies are providers of managed futures funds. Ken Kurson, writing in the March 2010 issue of Esquire described them as “A Hedge Fund for Little Guys”.

According to Superfund’s website, “managed future funds differentiate themselves from traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds because of the many advantages offered to investors. An asset class in their own right, managed futures funds can profit from over 150 different financial and commodity markets in both rising and falling markets. As a result, more and more retail investors are now realizing the long-term benefits of managed futures funds.”

The company refers to “four cornerstone principles which work as a whole to provide a solid foundation for investing.“ They are diversification, technical analysis, trend following, and money management. Superfund claims that their investment approach gives them “the potential“ to be profitable in any economic environment. They say that their funds act like an airbag to help protect your overall investment portfolio Through virtually zero correlation to the equity and bond markets, as well as to most other asset classes.”

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