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Hedge Fund Bets on Agriculture

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Optima Hedgefund CEO Dextor Boardman

Forget about the shiny metals, and the gooey black stuff they use to make gasoline.  Optima Fund, New York based “fund of funds” that claims to have $6 billion under management, is placing their anti inflation bet on American farmland. And they’ve come up with the cleverest name for their new fund. It’s called, American Farmland Company.


Dixon Boardman is the CEO of Optima. That’s his wife in the bikini. Her name is Arianna von Hohenlohe. She’s a German Princess, a few years(about 30)  younger than Boardman.

Timesonline reports:

Boardman believes that economic recovery, continued population growth and increased incomes, especially in emerging markets, will create rising demand for food. The use of alternative energy resources such as biodiesel and ethanol is expected to create additional demand, as is the diminishing availability of arable land, notably in China.

Crain’s NY says

Optima is just the latest investor to join a growing club of gentleman-farmers.Pharos Financial Group, a Moscow-based firm backed by financier George Soros, among others, launched its own agriculture-centered private-equity fund in November.

The $350 million Pharos Miro Agriculture Fund will be buying up farmland in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Africa.

Inflationhedgeblog.com will have more to say about Agriculture as a hedge against inflation. Check back soon.

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