Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Commidity ETF or a Currency ETF For Inflation Hedge (Or Not)

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All right player. You think the dollar rally has had it’s day? What do you like,  The Yuan? The Rupee?  How about some of those Brazilian Reals? Or maybe something a little more staid like Canadian Dollars?

There’s an ETF for everyone of them.  For a full selection of currency etfs click here.

Do you think all these inflationistas are just a bunch of Chicken Littles? Okay big-shot, why don’t you just go ahead and short these funds!

Don’t care that fiat money? Well maybe you’re right about that. If there’s one thing that all the central banks know how to do, it’s print money. So if you feel that way and you’re right, you can make some money (albeit inflated) by going into some of these commidty etfs

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