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Aberdeen Likes Real Estate As Inflaton Hedge, Zillow Bearish on Housing

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Aberdeen Asset Mangement’s Michael Turner said in an interview with Bloomberg, on March 16, 2010, that “Investors should buy real-estate assets and funds that invest in property in the U.K. and Asia because a potential rebound in prices and economic growth will counter the risk of inflation”.

Turner is Head of global strategy and asset allocation at Aberdeen Asset. He suggested that investors should buy into real estate investment trusts, and other types of property owning funds.

Zillow Chief Economist Dr. Stan Humphries is less exuberant about the prospects for real estate, at least in the U.S. He wrote on his blog on February 9, 2010, that he expected to see “a double dip in home values, defined as two periods of sustained declines in home values separated by a brief period of stabilization or recovery.” He said that “bottom is in sight for most markets across the country, although we expect it will be several years before values begin to show substantial increases again.”

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