Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Inflation or Deflation

Falling Inflation Could Spark More Fed-Driven Stimulus – The Atlantic

inflation – Google News via Falling Inflation Could Spark More Fed-Driven Stimulus – The Atlantic.

WSJ:Housing Prices Skew Inflation Figures. David Rosenberg:Not So

Kelly Evans The Wall Street Journal claimed the low CPI was skewed by exaggerated emphasis on rental costs rather home ownership costs.

Inflation When? Inflation NOW

Inflation has already begun, so says Jeff Saut,for Raymond James (inflation) has been the easiest political solution for the debt accumulation.

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Smart Money Says

Fed Will Buy Real Estate and Stocks Next:Michael Pento

via Michael Pento Says Fed Will Buy Stocks And Real Estate In Its Next ….

Huffington Post Writer Calls Gold Market Ponzimonium

Nathan Lewis Lewis, (Gold: the Once and Future Money) cites several analysts who support his claim that gold and silver markets have been manipulated for years.

Jim Rogers: Hong Kong Real Estate Nuts Likes Silver, Gas

Jim Rogers Likes Silver Better Than Gold, Gas More Than Oil
Asked, which commodities sector looks most attractive to you? he said, “I like to buy the things that are cheap. Silver’s cheaper than gold on an historic basis

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